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In 2012, the North Carolina General Assembly passed S.L. 2012-126 (PDF), which provided counties with new options regarding organization and governance of their human services functions.  Specifically, this law (1) allowed any Board of County Commissioners (“BOCC”) in a county with a county manager to combine two or more human services functions into a single consolidated human services agency (“CHSA”); and (2) allowed any BOCC to directly assume the powers and duties of one or more of the governing boards responsible for overseeing a local human services agency (i.e., local board of health and/or county board of social services), including the board of a CHSA. Since 2012, a number of North Carolina counties have used the authority granted by S.L. 2012-126 to change the organization and governance structure of social services and public health agencies.

A more comprehensive explanation of the governance and organization options for North Carolina human services agencies, including information about the categories of information reflected in the maps below, is available in these documents:

NOTE: The School of Government depends on counties to self-report changes regarding their human services agencies and boards. The data in these maps is based on reports by counties to the School of Government, information from the Office of State Human Resources, and information that is publicly available on county websites. If you see information in these maps that needs to be updated for your county, please contact Kristi Nickodem.

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MAP 1 – Use the drop down menu below to explore different aspects of human services agency organization and governance across all North Carolina counties.



MAP 2 – Hover over a county to see county-specific human services organization and governance information.