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Summary of Options for Organization and Governance of Human Services Agencies in North Carolina

This guide explains the options for North Carolina counties with respect to organization and governance of social services, public health, and consolidated human services agency. It discusses agency and board configuration options available under S.L. 2012-126 (including consolidated human services agencies and county commissioner governance of human services agencies), as well as district health departments, regional departments of social services, and personnel-related options for counties.

Options For Organization And Governance (PDF)

Mapping Human Services Agencies and Boards Across North Carolina

Explore interactive maps of showing which North Carolina counties have (i) consolidated human services functions into one agency, and/or (ii) changed the governing board structure for human services agencies, including governance of one or more such agencies by the Board of County Commissioners.

View Maps of NC Human Services Agencies and Boards

Information on Creating a Consolidated Human Services Agency

This document discusses issues that a county should consider when deciding whether (and how) to create and configure a consolidated human services agency and governing board.

Considerations When Creating a Consolidated Human Services Agency (PDF)