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Information on Human Services Agency Organization and Governance Options

View Maps of NC Human Services Agencies and Boards

Resources for Consolidated Human Services Boards

Coates’ Canons Blog Posts on CHSAs and Related Issues

Research Comparing Types of Local Public Health Agencies

In 2011, the SOG received grant funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for a research project designed to compare the types of local public health agencies in operation across the state, including consolidated human services agencies.

Full research project website

Final report PDF

Resolutions from North Carolina Counties

The North Carolina Public Health Law webpage features resolutions from many of the North Carolina counties that have changed their organization or governance structure for human services since the enactment of Session Law 2012-126, including counties that have created consolidated human services agencies and/or abolished the appointed governing board for social services or public health. These documents were developed by the respective counties and are offered for informational purposes only. It is up to each user of this website to review and evaluate the documents to determine whether they are useful and appropriate for the user’s particular needs. The documents were not created by School of Government faculty, nor have they been selected as models, best practices, or templates. We encourage users of this site to contact representatives of the jurisdiction that originated the document if you have questions about it. The School of Government, by making these documents available, does not make any representation about their legal validity. We strongly recommend that you consult with your local attorney before using any document obtained from this site.